12-Months Growth Acceleration Program

12-Months Growth Acceleration Program

Suitable for startups looking for founder mentors on an ongoing basis for 12 months to work on ALL functional areas of the business i.e. product, market, sales and operations.

We will bring decades of expertise and experience in running businesses to enable you to scale your company by 3x minimum.


Our 12-month engagement will be designed driven by your business need.

We start working with you for 12 months rolling. You get access to our dedicated timings as part of the program. We bring the Open Mentor Network of founders for your growth.

Program Details 👇

12-Month Growth Program Detailed Plan

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Here is how you can join our 30-day execution program. Only 10 founders per cohort! First come, first serve!

👉 Eligibility:

Case 1: You have attended a 30-day execution program or a 90-day growth acceleration program:

Based on our work with you during the 30-day execution program or 90-day growth acceleration program, you evaluate us & our model, and we evaluate you & your business


Case 2: You are new to Foundership Accelerator:

You should have a revenue of $2000 MRR (B2B) or 2000 DAU (B2C)

We review your application and invite you to discuss your business

👍 Zero Fee:


No Upfront Fees. We discuss a Revenue share and Equity model with you.

👇 Submit Application Form:

Upcoming Cohorts

We host 12-month growth acceleration 3 times in a year.

🌟 March 2021 | June 2021 | Sept 2021 🌟

June 2021 Program

Our Application Form 👉 Apply

Last Date to apply 🛑 15 May 2021

Program Starts: 01 June 2021

Maximum 12 startups are part of a rolling cohorts.

Closed Cohorts

March 2021 Program

Our Application Form 👉 CLOSED

Last Date to apply 🛑 CLOSED

Pilot Program Starts: 01 March 2021

12 Month Cohort Starts: 14 April 2021

Maximum 12 startups are part of a rolling cohorts.

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