30-Day Execution Program with Draper Startup House

30-Day Execution Program with Draper Startup House

We offer a 1-month program to work on ONE of your business growth problems. It can be anything like sales model, product-led growth, and experiments for growth, etc.

Draper Startup House and Foundership have come together to curate 30-day hands-on Execution-based Acceleration Program for Founders by Founders with Zero Equity, starting every First Friday of each month.

Program Structure

Framework - APEMOS (Analyse, Plan, Experiment, Measure, Optimise, Scale)

Week 1 - Know my Startup (Analyse)

  • Detailed discussion to understand about your Vision, Customers, Team Current challenges and Constraints
  • Detailed discussion of various iterations/experiments done and its results
  • Brainstorm and arrive at few problem statements
  • Finish key activities such as Problem-Solution Fit, Jobs to be done, ICP, Value Matrix

Week 2 - Choose "ONE" problem statement from many and define the Hypothesis & experiment (Plan & Experiment)

  • Detailed discussion around various problem statements
  • Use a decision framework to select the best problem statement that will have the highest impact
  • Achieve Clarity and set Direction
  • Begin "Executing" on the solution for the problem Statement

Week 3 - review the progress of Execution and refine (Measure & optimize)

  • Continue to execute the solution to solve for the problem statement
  • Stay focused on execution and measure results

Week 4 - Share results or progress made towards the experiment

Examples of Problem Statements

  • Value proposition and Positioning unclear
  • Trial to paid conversions are low
  • Choosing the right Target Market
  • Defining my ICP
  • Unable to articulate what we do to customers and investors
  • Online Lead Gen is very low
  • Stagnant growth with revenue plateau
  • Poor Product Management or no roadmap
  • and many more

Program Schedule

You get dedicated time every week with founder mentors while solving business growth problems, a slack channel to track the progress and reach founder mentors over the phone. This is an intense program where we ensure you achieve ONE thing for your business!

The 30-day program will be a combination of 1:1 with Foundership Accelerator and also Group/Peer to peer activities among the startups in each cohort. In 1-1 format, we will work on ONE of your business growth problems.

40 -60 minutes every week 1-1 working hours

Access to slack for ongoing daily catch up

Discussion over phone

Group/Peer to peer activities among the startups in each cohort

4 Week

Join Now📈

Here is how you can join our 30-day execution program.

Fee & Application Form:

30-Day Execution Program is managed by Draper Startup House India. Find about 👉 fee and application form here.

Apply for May: Closed

Apply for June 2021: Open. Last Date: 30th May

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