What is Foundership Accelerator?

Strategy is great, but Execution is the real engine for Startup Growth.

Foundership Accelerator is an execution-focused seed-stage/growth-stage startup accelerator for companies with revenue less than USD 1Mn. We take a hands-on approach to execution across product development, customer discovery, marketing, and finally sales.

What is Foundership Community?

Foundership Community is a curated community of awesome founders who have been there and done that!

How to apply to join Foundership Accelerator?

You can apply here 👉 https://foundershiphq.com/apply

Can I join Foundership Community?

Coming soon!

What is your selection criteria?

  • You are a Solo Founder, Bootstrappers, 2nd/3rd Tier City Startups.
  • You have an idea and ready to start up.
  • You have started up and having a revenue of less than <$1m annual revenue.
  • You run B2C, B2B, or SaaS focussed startups and need growth.


If we can see how we can add 3x value to your startup, only then we will accept your application to join the program. We are very candid!

Do you invest?

We invest our time to work with you every week. We don't invest capital.

Do you work with founders from any country?

100% yes. Our founding mentors have been supporting startups from various countries.